The Earth Organization is a grass roots international non-profit, conservation and environmental organization, with new solutions, committed to the creative, responsible rehabilitation of Planet Earth and the plant and animal kingdoms.

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Zefirka the Polar Bear in Nikolaev Zoo


Over 8,000 zoo animals in the Ukraine are in immediate peril and need your help!

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The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) launched an international campaign on April 20th, 2013, coinciding with the 3rd anniversary of the BP oil blowout disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The campaign is built around an important, peer-reviewed position paper released by them which is a constructive offering of effective solutions for all oil companies and oil-producing countries and lays out much-needed guidelines for evaluating oil spill cleanup methodologies.

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Spraying toxic dispersant in Gulf waters

EPA Violates Clean Water Act in Gulf of Mexico

For 25 years, the EPA has allowed only one product to be used when oil spills occur on U.S. navigable waters - a highly toxic and destructive dispersant called Corexit, while at the same time justifying that less than 25 percent of oil actually removed from the environment is a ?successful cleanup standard?. This has caused untold damage to the Gulf States and unnecessarily cost billions of dollars in damage.

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Deepwater Horizon Rig sinking in Gulf of Mexico

LAEO's Work in the Gulf of Mexico

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO)'s US headquarters has been intensely focused on getting the waters of the Gulf of Mexico remediated from the now three-year, on-going disaster that began with the BP oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. After finding and authenticating effective, non-toxic means to accomplish this, they have been working to break down the arbitrary barriers that have been placed by the EPA preventing effective solutions from being implemented.

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LAEO's Annual Summary for 2012

This 38-page document is a compilation of reports from our more active chapters around the world regarding their work and accomplishments for 2012.

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Testimonials - What our Members Say
The environmental issues that face Earth today are no longer the question of our times, they are the issue of our future.

The Earth Organization is the first international environmental...[More]
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