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Micro Organism Technology - The Only Real Solution


Oil tanker ablaze.
Oil tanker ablaze.

Brown Pelican in heavy oil.
Brown Pelican in heavy oil.

In essence, this is a bacteria planet. They own it. They are all around us, all the time. It has been said they only allow us to live here by their good grace and because we are really useful for transporting them around! ALL life forms on this planet have developed a highly complex, partner relationship with micro organisms. The fact is we cannot live without them. If every micro organism was eradicated in your body in an instant, it is doubtful you would survive more than 24 hours; a few days at best. We have evolved with these organisms and rely on them to a degree that is almost completely unknown by the average person.

The truth is that there are a relatively very small percentage of micro organisms that are bad or that create or carry disease.  The rest are either completely neutral and are “followers” of either the good or bad micro organisms. Which ones they follow depends on how many of the good or bad micro organisms they are in contact with.  If they are in contact with a majority of “bad” micro organisms, they will begin to do what the bad micro organisms do - rot, putrefy, and break substances down.  If they are in contact with a majority of good micro organisms, they follow and do what the good micro organisms do - clean, rejuvenate, and bring health to the area.

Micro organisms are the primary converters on this planet. They change things. To relate this article specifically to the Gulf Coast oil spill, there are certain micro organism products which address the problem of an overwhelming amount of oil. The micro organisms actually eat and digest the oil, breaking it down into non-toxic substances and, when there is no more oil to eat, those micro organisms then die off themselves.  

There has never been found a single bad side effect from this process and, in fact, there are many good side effects from it.  Not only will the oil be cleaned up, but there will be a rejuvenation of the health of the wildlife in the area, with a relatively quick resurgence of flora, fauna, and marine life, including shrimp, fish and oysters.  With a proper application of the micro organisms to an area, we’re talking a few weeks to a few months, not decades, to clean it up.

The same type of partnering relationship exists in any environment, be it a farm, an animal, marshlands, a river, or the ocean.  Micro organism products utilize specific combinations of these beneficial micro organisms that assist and aid life in its efforts to survive.

The application and use of micro organism technology is completely safe, extremely effective, and relatively inexpensive compared to other proposed solutions.  In looking over all of the information, there is no question that the micro organism technology is the only true solution to the Gulf Coast oil spill, when taking all elements of the problem into consideration.  

We invite you to help us get this technology widely implemented.  We need your financial support to get this done.  And we need your help in spreading this information broadly.  
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